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Jehovah's Witness - Testimony

The testimony of Vittorio and William Graziosi - Jesi, 7TH April 2011

Giulio and we share memories and colours.
We met when he used to pick herbs around the green hills of the Marche to distill their essential properties, since he is an expert herbalist.
We remember him sharing his knowledge with us, through his calm voice, quietly as he uses to speak, and with that kind of smile which is always about to blossom on his face, that is the typical behaviour of a good spirit. He used to talk about the properties of flowers and herbs with such a meticulousness as if he wanted to share something magic. He used to explain with a great care and he concerned that we learned correctly: “because it could be useful to you in the future” – he used to say. For sure, one of Giulio’s best qualities is his unselfish sympathetic love for people, even for those he barely knows like us at the beginning of 80s. Then our memories acquire fire-like shades, the same fire that we used to sit around in the cold winter nights, talking about spiritual topics or reflections which had motivated him to make self-denial choices and which were useful to stimulate our inner senses and which touched our souls. At the time he was a special pioneer of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
He taught us to ask - How are you today? – in such circumstances with the desire to know it really, and the will to do as much as possible in order to make that day a positive and pleasant day for our speaker. It was as far as possible from the formality and superficiality.
We started to appreciate even his rhetorical questions and his pending words, in those sentences aimed to leave us free to decide but only after deep reflection.
how could we not to be thankful to him for this?
His deep love is an added value on our lives. Unforgettable deeds according to the pure Christian essence made our esteem for him as solid as a stone. We suggest you to join our point of view, that means to read this book and to get closer to Giulio as if you looked at him through our eyes, which are the eyes of real friends.

Vittorio and William Graziosi