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Liberated from the power of Darkness

Parish of San Giovanni Battista of Garbagnate Milanese, 27TH September 2014

Message for the Church

Dear children,
Mankind has become deaf to God’s call for conversion, and day after day it is enwrapped in pitch darkness and the reign of Satan seems to prevail. But I bring good news: my Son Jesus’ message of the Gospel, the complete establishment of his reign. But I ask you to consecrate the lands of the sons of Abraham to my heart; only in this way we can prevent Satan’s plan from bringing immense suffering to the Church of Jesus and to all of humanity.
Consecrate the lands of the children of Abraham, and mankind’s wounds will be dressed and an era of peace will arrive. If this is not done, then everything will be influenced by Satan’s plan to destroy mankind.
I am the complete expression of the Earthly and Heavenly Church, and by consecrating these lands to my heart you consecrate them to the heart of the Church, that is to say, to Christ, the promised Seed, who has saved mankind with his sacrifice so that the spiritual benefit of that sacrifice may reach everybody.

[Giulio: in this vision of Jesus, the heart of the Church, I saw a large heart encircled by many drops of blood, which, according to Mary’s explanation, represent the sacrifice of those many martyrs who have offered their blood following the sacrifice of Jesus, and which, for this reason, constitute, along with Jesus’, the heart of the Church].

With this Consecration, you set a high value on the Promise made to Abraham; you show that you believe in that Promise and that you await its fulfilment. Through it, the lands and the nations that are heir to this Promise are freed from the dominion of darkness which is spreading over the earth, and they become the spiritual property of God.
The road that leads to this Consecration will be tough and full of obstacles. But if it won't be done, the devil’s hordes will attack more and more the Church of Jesus, thereby causing, as I told you in the past, persecution and division, and Europe will be filled with great suffering. But I do not want this to happen!

[Giulio: in this vision was first seen the image of a pope – but not the present one – who dons the traditional white garment but with red robes. After this, Europe appeared, completed flooded by the sea, a turbulent sea from which smoke ascends].

I urge you to pray so that this does not happen. Otherwise, the blood will rain down from the sky – a rain of mourning and desolation. But I say to you that your faith can overthrow all of this and stop this army of demons. Then light will come from heaven, and the Blood of my Son will rouse mankind that is dazed by the infernal noise. Remember to gather on the 2nd of each month because in the future this will become a day to always remember.



Message for the Parish of Saint John the Baptist

My dear children,
Keep on persevering, and keep on believing in Jesus, for it is he who will reign forever. I am the Bride of the Family, and I urge you to awaken your dormant faith by rekindling the sacraments which you receive, and which you need to experience more deeply. Establish a school of the Word of God and study it completely. Do not continue creating division because that comes from the devil. Fight for unity, leave behind the mentality of the world and accept Jesus’ invitation to leave behind everything and follow him. I visit every family and leave a scented flower – and, there, where I am welcomed by the reciting of the Rosary, that flower perfumes and fills that house with so many graces. I bring every family my Son’s caress.