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Make public this reality

Message for the parish of Mazzo - 5TH January 2006

Dear children,
I come to you as the Bride of the Family. So many people fall victims under Satan's attacks, the destroyer of life and the family, and so many devoted children have found salvation by entrusting themselves to my Son's heart, who continues to be present among you! He supports you through the Eucharist, the bread that nourishes the soul and brings salvation, the only food through which you can receive the totality of my Son.
Trying times await humanity, dense shadows and impenetrable darkness are closing in on the world. My task is to help you continue on the path toward the true light, Christ the King. He is the goal towards which I am steering so many of my children who are still distant from Him and this is the invitation that I make to you: contribute to the salvation of the world by spreading the Gospel preached by my Son. Speak of him everywhere and catch every opportunity. Do not be ashamed but be courageous witnesses of Christ, proclaim the great value of his sacrifice. Only He is the road that leads to our great God and only through Him it is possible to know the great love of our Heavenly Father.
Do not fear: even if times will be difficult, I will be marching in front of you and I will protect you by spreading my mantle. Keep your eyes on Jesus and nothing will be able to harm you because faith in Him is the only hope of salvation.
Pray, entrust in my heart and consecrate yourselves to the heart of my Son, say the rosary continuously and Satan will be defeated and humanity will be able to see with clear eyes the great truth that God, through my Son, has revealed to the world.
To you, the guardians of the Church of my Son, I say: I am among you and will continue to appear in this place that I have chosen.
Important events will occur so that the will of God may be done. Many people have already received proof of my presence, but in future God will provide further proof of the greatness of my bride and mother's heart. I dearly wish to be known as she who was sent to help you in the arduous and difficult path to conversion! You gave me glory and you placed what is a representation of a manifest truth [the statue], but why don't you honour me more? Why don't you publicly announce what is happening here? Nothing can stop the hand of God! He wants my task to be very clear and for everyone to see in me the mother that my Son has given to humanity. On the 2ND of February, a feast that is dear to me, why don't you honour me with a celebration? Why don't you honour my image? Perhaps are you ashamed of me? You are devoted children and I will be at your side.
Bring all people to me, especially those families that Satan has divided; they should come to this place and consecrate themselves to my heart, be converted to my Son and I will give them the grace that only a mother can give. Convert to my Son and proclaim his salvation! Hold your faith in his Church high, as a lamp, and I will bring you in triumphal procession to the true light which achieves full realization in the Holy Trinity. Say the Rosary and witness your love for the sacrifice of my Son.