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"Dear children, I am the Bride of the Family, I come to you on Holy Spirit’s wings and I bring you the smile of my son Jesus”

The first apparitions of the Virgin Mary with the title “Bride of the Family” took place from the 10TH to the 17TH of July in 2005, in the church Mary Help of Christians, which is located in the city Mazzo of Rho (Milan – Italy).
During those days, the local community was living a strong week of prayer, with the presence of the pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima.
It's in this context that the “Bride of the Family” showed herself to Giulio Ancona, communicating to him a message for families and one for priests, so that they had forward to the priests in Rho and from here to the whole Church.
After these first two messages followed many other, addressed to different recipients but always meaningful for everyone, containing exhortation, warnings and spiritual proposals useful to face ethical and spiritual problems of our age.
The diocesan Church, informed of the events since the very beginning, is practicing the essential and prudent work of spiritual discernment on the whole affair, carefully following the evolution of events.



"Consecrate to my Immaculate Heart the nations that are heirs of the promise of Abraham..." (05-04-2006)
"Now I ask you this: consecrate these lands to my heart; only in this way you can hasten the triumph of Jesus, King of Kings and bring closer the day of the fulfilment of God’s ancient Promise addressed to Abraham's descendants and extended to all humankind. If this shouldn’t happen, a terrible punishment will be inflicted upon the world, starting from this land, whose soil has been impregnated with my Son's blood." (24-01-2010)

One of main topics in these revelations is the importance of consecrating the Abraham’s descendant nations, in order to avoid the imminent punishment of God upon the humankind which is still deaf and unresponsive to his plea to conversion. The Holy Virgin explains that this “punishment” mustn’t be considered as God’s real will, but as the tragic consequence of humankind’s estrangement from Him.

"Fire will rise to the sky from the whole humankind, which is already suffering, a fire that soon will color everything of red and rivers of blood will flow…But God doesn’t want this!
Only prayer, fasting, receiving the Body and Blood of my Son in the Holy Communion and a life lived in holiness can prevent the worst from happening."

The Virgin Mary points this act of consecration as the only way, given by God, to prevent even more difficult days and to begin an age of peace. It consists in an official prayer done by the Holy Father, according well-defined time and manners. Waiting that this takes place, everyone can contribute through own prayer in order that this will happen soon. 



“Come to this place on the 2nd of each month, bring those families that are in need but not only, bring your sick and I, as already I am doing, will bestow many graces.” (06-04-2006)
“I will come, especially, the 2ND of each month, I will collect all of your worries and I will leave them at my Son’s feet.” (02-02-2007)

The 2ND of every month the Association Sposa di Sion promotes a day dedicated to evangelization and prayer: for the unity and the renewal of the Church according to the spirit of the Vatican Council II, for supporting Pope’s ministry and for the promotion of interreligious dialog.
A special invitation is addressed to couples in difficulty, to the separated and to those who wish to make a family, to priests and consecrated people who are in crisis, to priests who got married, to young people, to those who are sick in body or spirit, to those who suffer because of their affective orientation, to prostitutes and to who lives on the margins of society, to those who desire to start a path of spiritual awakening.



“Recitation of the Holy Rosary is a powerful and guaranteed weapon with which you can obtain the graces you need from my Son Jesus.
These graces are freely bestowed on you through those mysteries that my Son fulfilled.”
“I am the Bride of the Family and I will come to every home in which the holy Rosary is told and I will bring there the blessing of my Son.
[…] You will see the power of prayer take form within your families.”



“Consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart, consecrate your families, and consecrate the families in difficulty.” (20-05-2006)
“Every second day of the month is a day that is dear to me. Consecrate yourselves and all you posses to my Immaculate Heart.” (06-04-2006)
“Consecrate your parishes.” (02-02-2007)
“Consecrate your entire life to the sanctification of God’s name.” (15-06-2006)

The Association Sposa di Sion was inaugurated in Rho the 8TH of January in 2006 and promotes the popularization of the messages of Mary revealed in Mazzo, together with spiritual paths based on the Scriptures and on the Church’s teaching.
It promotes also the spiritual support to families in difficulty, to sick people and to women who prostitutes themselves.
It supports those who suffer because of problems with a spiritual origin, caused by occult experiences and practices and, in order to do that, the association proposes an evening of prayer in the church Saint Michael Archangel in Rho, the 8TH of every month at 8:30 PM.
It promotes the knowledge of the mystery of Christ and Mary among Jews and Muslims.