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Act of entrust of the family to Mary Bride of the Family

The Angel came and said to me:
"Come here. I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb".

(Rev 21,9)

Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Sion,
jubilate daughter of Jerusalem!
Blessed art thou among women, Mary, Daughter of the Most High
Beautiful as the moon, bright as the sun,
terrible as an army with its flag flying.
Chosen bride of the Lord
to become the Mother of the Redeemer!
To you, with love, we devote our family:
Come and live in our home,
as you stayed in that of Elizabeth and Zachariah;
and, as at Cana in Galilee, help us in distress,
and intercede with strength with your Son Jesus,
so that he manifests his glory, and with the new wine of Love
avert away from us all indifference and misunderstanding.
We too, Bride of Sion,
welcome you into our home as the Queen of Love,
and, with confidence, we entrust you with all of our troubles and tribulations.
You are the bride of the family,
sent by God to help each family:
guard our children
so that they may grow in age, wisdom and grace,
and discover the value and meaning of life.
Protect them from the snares of the Evil One,
from the indifference and the sadness of selfishness.
Give us joy, inner strength and hope to our elders;
relief, comfort and health to our sick brothers,
because thanks to the wounds of your Son we are healed
and, in his blood, we are reborn.
Enlighten our beloved ones, who accomplished their earthly existence
and who precede us to the heavenly Jerusalem.
In the holy name of Jesus,
the glorious Bridegroom who reigns at the right of the Father,
and come victorious in removing forever
the mischievous smile of Satan:
come, O Bride of the family, on the wings of the Holy Spirit,
cover us with your mantle,
brings us the smile of your Son Jesus,
and grant us that we get a day, with you,
the eternal joy of the wedding banquet of the Lamb
who lives, loves and reigns for ever and ever.

The Spirit and the Bride say "Come."
Who listens repeat, "Come."
Come Lord Jesus! Amen. Alleluia!