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Prayer to pronounce the eighth Vow

God Creator of everything,
may each living being raise his praise to you
and may the whole creation exalt your power,
since you own the fullness of love and wisdom.
We want to thank You because you wanted to give to man
the most preciuos thing that you could give us: your Son Jesus,
he who is your perfect image and who confirmed your way of doing
by giving his life.
His teaching couldn't be anything else than your way of being.
He felt a deep love for every human being,
and his empathy was the perfect rapresentation
of what would have been his death's instrument: the cross.
We consecrate ourselves [now] exactly to it
in order to receive the ability to love not only our own cross,
but also the one of every person we will meet on our path.
Starting from today, we want to cultivate in our heart that feeling
which should shake all our being: the love.
Above all, the love for the cross of every of our brothers.
We will make the support we give pass through our heart,
before than through our hands.
We ask to Mary, Bride of the Family, to take us in her hands
and also to help us in transforming our heart like the one of Jesus,
a heart which is able to see the cross of Jesus in the cross of others.