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Prayer of consecrated people

Father God, Creator of the universe,
whose love ooze from every form of life you created
and whose power and perfection lead the whole universe:
hallowed be your Name and proclaimed be your wisdom forever.
You wanted to make your love even more tangible for us
By sending as a man, among us, Jesus.
A so great love has allowed to make us worthy of you.
The Blood of your Child has given back to the fallen humanity the ancient lost dignity.
Of this, Father, we want to thank you and also to thank Jesus,
who wanted to make even more strong your presence among us,
giving us the possibility to breathe the strength of the Holy Spirit.
Also for this, Father, we want to tell you thanks and to praise you forever.
Now we wait that you realize fully your plan of salvation
destroying your last Enemy, the Death,
opposite to you who are the Source of Life.
We implore you so that on the whole humanity
May reign peace and love,
earnest of what will be in the Holy Town that will come.
Make that the people descending from your friend Abraham
May be fertilized by the Seed of the ancient Promise and bring fruit.
For this, Father, we want now to pray you
and, together with Mary, the mother of Jesus,
to this purpose of you consecrate us.
Every day of our life we want to implore you,
so that Jesus, the awaited and announced Bridegroom,
be recognized as the ancient Seed
who will bring fruit in the hearts and in the nations
and will bless forever every human being.