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Act of entrust to Saint Michael the Archangel

Noblest Prince of Angelic hierarchies,
brave warrior of the almighty,
zealous lover of the glory of God,
terror of rebellious angels,
love and joy of all just angels,
Michael the Archangel,
wishing to be in the number of your devoted,
to you today I offer and give myself to you.
I place myself, my job, my family,
my friends and all I own
under your watchful protection.
My offer is small
as I am a poor sinner
but you appreciate the affection of my heart.
Remember that if from now on I am under your protection,
you must assist me all my life long.
Obtain the forgiveness of my many and heavy sins,
the grace of deeply loving my God,
my beloved Saviour Jesus,
my sweet Mother Mary
and all my brother men beloved by the Father,
redeemed by the Son and sanctified by the Holy Spirit.
Pray for the help I need to reach the crown of glory.
Always defend me from the enemies of my soul
especially in the last moment of my life.
Come at that time,
Glorious Saint Michael the Archangel,
assist me in the fight and far from me,
to the abyss of hell,
that abusive and arrogant angel
that you defeated in the fight in heaven.
Then present me to God’s throne
in order to sing with you, Saint Michael the Archangel
and with all the angels praise, honour and glory
to the One who reigns to the end of time.