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Liberation prayer

Holy Father, hallowed be your Name all over the universe and in the heart of every human being.
The whole creation rejoice for the holiness of your works, and there couldn't be a greater work than sending your unique Son on the earth.
His sacrifice allowed to give again to every human being the perfection of your image imprinted in the dust.
Thank you, because this great love act of Jesus defeated completely your enemy's forces and it also turned our heart strong, invincible and impenetrable by the one who want to destroy your love plan for every human being and the whole universe.
Your Enemy, the Devil, has been defeated!
Now we ask to you and to your Son Jesus too: forgive us if somehow we allowed that the temple of Holy Spirit, in us, was desecrated by our sin, our lack of faith and our distance from you. We pray you so that the strength and the faith in the value of th Blood shed by the Messiah Jesus may live into us.
Jesus, give us such a faith in you, the only saviour of the world, that manages to defeat evil forces and remove from us everything that the Devil introduced in our life.
Thanks to baptism we believe that the Holy Spirit, who keep away every evil force and darkness, lives in us because we have hoped in you, Light of the world. Jesus, disperse the darkness and light up all our being with your Light. The same light that gave birth into us to a new creature, that is similar to you in the resurrection day.
In this creature there is no space for darkness, because being a new creature means to be pure Light, like you.
Ensure that our faith in your Word and in your Church grows.
May our faith in you and in your sacrifice give back joy, serenity, peace and love to our heart truly. May each of us start to talk about you as "Light of the world" to the whole humanity from now on.