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Prayer of Consecration of the children of Abrham and of the lands and nations of the Middle East

Jerusalem: sanctuary of Gethsemane - Sunday the 3RD of April 2016

God, Our Father, who are in the highest heaven, your wisdom permeates everything that surrounds the entire universe, and in the human being You imprinted your image crowned by your qualities, which are brighter than the firmament and which warm the heart of every creature who comes to you. Your Radiance is beyond any imaginable radiance: you are love that penetrates into the most impossible things, you fill and melt the toughest rock, and make the most hardened hearts into hearts capable of loving. We want to thank and invoke you, so that this love comes down on these lands and goes and touches the hearts of who that can be converted into "bearer of peace." We want to join the prayers of these holy men, your friends (see Heb. Chap.11), that with their fidelity towards You, they made possible that the road to your plan of salvation was flattened, in order to let the predicted Seed came: Jesus, the Messiah, the one that Abraham our father, saw reflected in his son Isaac, who You spared from an unnecessary death. Remember the Promise made to your friend Abraham to bless, by his Seed, all the families of the earth, now that this Seed came bringing the blessing, not only to Abraham's descendants, but to all beings created in your image. May the blood of the Messiah shed in this place touch and heal the heart of these people making them able to build what was your original plan: a Kingdom of peace and love, that peace and that love that we will find fully established in the new Jerusalem, the Holy City where the Living and the Dead will flow in. Now we ask you to bless this act by which we consecrate these peoples to you, Father of mercy, and to Christ, the Messiah, who by his life allowed the salvation of all men. We do this through the one that generated the predicted Seed: Mary. We consecrate these lands to her Heart, to Her who represents the New Jerusalem and the earthly Church: to you, Mary, we consecrate these lands, to your Holy Heart, centre of the Church, Heart that cannot be anything else other than Christ! To you we entrust every family and every person living in these lands, so that from them the peace can spread, that peace which the Messiah has preached and given. You are the "Bride of the family": we invoke you now, to join each family in order to touch the hearts, so that from each family can spread no more hate but love. You are the "Bride of the family": we consecrate to you the "Abrahamic Family" so that through you they recognize Jesus, the promised Seed. Now, may your intercession ascend towards the throne of the God of mercy and towards Christ, him who revealed the face of God and opened the heart of each of his disciples to a great love towards all, especially towards our own enemies. Grant, O Lord that from these lands start forgiveness! Grant that your Holy Spirit might resonate in a tangible way the Word of the Messiah Jesus and the capability to forgive, to sew and convert the heart. Listen to the voice of the ancient men of faith, especially that of your friend Abraham who invoke your ancient Promise and, looking at the starry sky and the sand of the sea, recall to your heart your Promise to bless every grain of sand and to make brighter every star of the sky. Remember, O Lord, your ancient Alliance! It is through Jesus, the promised Seed, and through his Mother Mary that today we consecrate these lands to Thee O God and to them. Amen.



Sanctuary of Gethsemane: group photo with mons. William Shomali at the end of the Prayer of Consecration of the Middle East