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A sign in the parish

Message for the parish of Mazzo - 21ST July 2005

Dear children,
I’m the Bride of the Family and I have to communicate another message to you. I’ve come among you to leave you a sign of my Son and I want to give you the gift of a great blessing: I’m here to dispense my favours to your families, in particular to families that are split up by the spirit of division. My favours are already bringing their fruits and lots of families will be receiving great blessings from now on.
I want to save the unity of families, but you must pray and say the Holy Rosary every day.
Talk about my Son within your families and give your time to the Eucharistic adoration: only the bread which comes from God will save and feed the human race.
In this place [church], I want that the work of healing and reunion of families continues.
I ask you to put an image of myself [statue] in your church similar to the one that passed among you.
A little corner will be enough for me and I'll promise you that all the people who come to me with great faith will receive favours, especially those relevant to the unity of the family.
All of them will receive these blessings; God loves everyone, including those who are victims of a world dominated by Satan. Come before me and consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart.

“Ark of the Covenant”: it is a MAry's title very meaningful, as witnesses the sanctuary Our Lady of the Ark of the Covenant in Kiriath Jearim, about 13 Km to the west of Jerusalem