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Dear friends in Christ

Message for Church's ministers - 13TH July 2005

Dear friends in Christ,
I am she whom the prophets announced and whom God in his great goodness has assigned to mankind's side so that we might together walk the road that will lead all men to salvation.
I have not come as a mother nor as judge, but as mankind's collaborator, in order that you, men who have been called and ordained by the Holy Spirit might submit completely and totally to God and to his Church. Many times I have come in the hope that mankind might understand the importance of commitment to God and many times have I asked for prayer and penance but few heeded my plea. Out of the love I feel for my Son I continue to come among you in the hope that many of my children might wake up from their spiritual slumber and open their eyes to the reality of my Son's sacrifice.
I have been sent here to speak to you who possess the fullness of the ministry and who have the great opportunity to love and shepherd my Son's flock. But my heart and especially the heart of my Son bleed profusely at the sight of ministers of His Church who, in their confusion, have fallen and are unable to get back on their feet.
The Church needs men who give all of themselves, who love the Church so much that they give themselves to it entirely and who are prepared to defend the Bride of Christ to their very last drop of blood. But can the same be said of you? Why do some of you consider me an intruder? I have not come to the world out of my own volition, but because I have been sent here to collaborate with you. After all, is not this what all mothers do for their children? Many of you must rediscover the value of my presence, which represents the will of God. And some among you even deny the truth revealed to the Church of Christ and to which the lifeblood of many men and women has born witness.
Many of you need to understand the true sense of my eternal virginity and of my birth free of original sin, a truth which has been watered down by ministers who wish to establish their own truths over those of God!
I continue to shed tears of blood at the sight of the truth revealed by God being trampled over by God's own ministers. They hold in their hands the Body of Christ but in their hearts they harbour doubts that this is the truth. And yet this is the fulcrum of God's plan for mankind's salvation.
I say to you: surrender yourselves to God!
Your entire ministry is based upon this mystery of faith and your hands have been consecrated so that this miracle may be repeated every time you repeat the words of Jesus: “this is my Body…this is my Blood”. Jesus, the sole saviour of this world, continues to be present in the Bread and the Wine and his presence sustains our souls and prepares us for our meeting with our Father, the Creator of the entire universe, whose mercy is great. In his mercy, God has given us a clear sign of his desire for forgiveness and reconciliation, but ministers without understanding and without love for the Church and for God are administering sacraments about which they themselves have doubts and worse still, are creating doubt and uncertainty in the souls of many of God's children. Jesus was clear about how God's mercy is mediated through his ministers. This is why it is necessary to pray and reflect on the Holy Scriptures and to consider the Sacrament of Reconciliation not as a historical event introduced by the church for reasons of dogma, but rather as the earthly expression of God's mercy. You must not allow this to become a habitual gesture because it is an important meeting between Jesus and those who throw themselves at His feet to ask for forgiveness.
Satan wishes to destroy everything that God has revealed and his instrument is doubt. Doubt has led some of God's ministers to believe that they can decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong and to openly challenge the role of no less than the Pope, Jesus' appointed successor on Earth until the end of time. There have been far too many pointless discussions of this matter. How much simpler it would be to go back and read the Holy Scriptures!
For ministers who nurture such doubts in this regard it is important to pray to the Holy Spirit in order that the Spirit may open their hearts and minds and drive away doubt and uncertainty.
Satan in his cunning wishes to destroy the beauty and purity of the church, which is the Bride of Christ. Jesus did not choose an unfaithful and unclean bride, He chose a spotless one. Satan though in his great hatred of God, sows in us a desire for self affirmation and encourages the corruption of the fundamental values contained in the Revelation given to humanity, leading to the great error of this age: the laws of God, which are eternal, are interpreted according to personal taste, and the teachings of the Church are supplanted. All of this is justified by certain ministers and seen in a favourable light, while the morality that God and the Church hold in highest consideration is trampled on.
How many times do your sermons or your readings of the Holy Scriptures say that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit of God? Now how can a temple of God become contaminated by a moral sense that does not come from the Church and the Holy Scriptures and which does not befit one of God's ministers, in whose hands the bread is transformed into the Body of Christ and the wine into His Blood each and very day?
How can you step up to the altar and pronounce the words: “This is the lamb of God”, when your heart and mind have been contaminated? Convert and purify your life!
A great number of ministers fall victim and Satan is pleased to see the sadness on God's face. And yet talk of Satan makes some smile - this is the victory of the forces of evil that you as ministers of God should be fighting, as many loyal ministers are already doing.
Jesus and God are pleased to see so many priests combating these winds of Satan and promise to send down the Holy Spirit to sustain and encourage them as they fight to hold high these values in order that they might not fall and might be of help to their lost, confused brothers. It pleases the heart of God, my Son and the Holy Spirit to witness the loyalty of so many ministers, their faith, their love of and loyalty to the Church. They are as a crown around the throne of God; their prayers are like incense and bring joy to God's heart.
Mankind shall experience a time of great tribulation, but this shall also be a time of grace for those who fight to keep their robes spotless.
I have not come to judge but as my Son's collaborator so that together with you we may combine our strengths and, in this way, surely the Blood of Jesus will purify all of humanity. I have not come to draw up a list of the things that displease God but to announce the mystery of our God contained within the word of God: his great love and great mercy. I have come to reach out to you and help those that have fallen and are struggling to get back on their feet.
I am she who experienced the great mystery of the Cross. Beneath the Cross, I watched the flowing of my Son's blood, that blood that I loved and I was washed by it.
God wants his ministers to love the visible and invisible Church deeply and for them to be lights for his many children who are confused and have strayed.
I can help you but you must love me more and you must consecrate yourselves to my heart. In the past you consecrated yourselves to my Son's heart for all eternity and you chose feely to do so. Those of you who now feel weakened can count on my help. I can make your legs strong and fortify your hearts: why not rediscover the great value of the Holy Rosary? By reciting this prayer daily with faith and conviction, feelings of doubt and distress will be kept at bay. Why not suggest its use in your parishes? Why not encourage my children to recite the prayer in their homes? Do not be ashamed to encourage youngsters to say the Rosary, as they are Satan's favourite target.
What God wants is for the whole word to convert to him. He wants you, the lukewarm ministers who hide their talents, to bear fruit. You must clearly explain to my children the difference between right and wrong. Do not be afraid to proclaim the truth and help my children to understand the value of the Word of God. Your ministry must be a gift to God and to others. Do not make the mistake of giving too much consideration to others and too little to God. Remember: love others as you yourself, but love God with all of your heart.
Satan will not succeed in destroying the Church of God, which will be victorious because the heart of my Son and my heart will triumph.