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Crowned as Bride in the Heaven

Message for the Association Sposa di Sion - 4TH Dicember 2007

Dear child,
as you can see, I am beside you always.
So that God can bring to fruition on the earth his original intention to make the entire universe an expression of His love, I was crowned "Bride of the Family" in heaven. On earth, too, this process has begun, so that God can extend a helping hand to the family, which is in the grip of Satan.
My dear Son placed on my head the crown that identifies me as Bride and that, in its simplicity, gives off that light that can come only from God. Do you know what that light is? Many, many small stars that attract the attention of our merciful Father and, among the many stars, yours also shines. Do you know what they are and where they come from?
I gathered them and placed them on my crown. They are the tears of so much suffering caused by Satan’s intervention and his work to destroy families. They are like continuous prayers to cease this scourge. Some shine brighter than others. They are the suffering of so many innocents that have understood the importance of prayer and of trusting in God.
There is one thing I have appreciated about you. I placed you at the centre of my crown, but you preferred to cede your place to other small hidden stars that now cover your little light.
But this cannot be hidden from He who sees all things.
Go to the priests and tell them that "I am the Bride of the Family" and I want to be worshipped in this era with this title, in such a way that everyone can understand that the family is a great manifestation of God’s love. As for you, go with Angelo to the place you know and I will appear there. Give into the hands of the priests what you have been waiting for so long to deliver.
The Devil will vomit much poison onto you and onto the community of your brethren, but do not be afraid, for the poison shall be rendered innocuous by your faith in the sacrifice of Jesus. The time will come when, thanks to your perseverance, to your faith and to your obedience to the Church of my Son, many souls and many families will come to thank Jesus and will unite with His Church.
But beware of doubt! Satan knows well how to use this weapon of his. Pray and feed yourselves with Jesus. Be near to the outcasts and show your love to all. Do not forget that my feet have touched this place in my role as "Bride of the Family".
Pray, be penitent and spread the word of my Son.