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Come, for here is the Bridegroom!

Message for the Parish of Santa Maria Assunta of Velate - 28TH May 2011

My dear children,
In these times of deep darkness and great suffering, I come to you bringing the sweet smile of my son Jesus, and exhort you: raise you head towards the Bridegroom who is coming! I am ready to shout out loudly, "Come, for here is the Bridegroom!". Then you will see everything inebriated with the love of Jesus, which will be made tangible in everything created by our Creator.
But now I ask you to shine your spiritual armor and grab your sword to knock down and destroy everything that blocks the truth expressed in the Word of God.
Recite the holy Rosary. Do not be ashamed to grasp in your hands the beads, which are so dear to my heart and my Son's heart.
Model your life more and more on Jesus' example. I desire two things from you: love for the last and the neglected of the world, and love for the Word of God. In this parish do not neglect to study deeply and spread the Word of God.
I am the Bride who loves deeply all that has been revealed by the holy prophets, and which was completely realized in my Son.
I bring to every family and every person in this parish Jesus' blessing.