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The sufferings of the Bride

Message for the Association Sposa di Sion - 15TH June 2007

Dear children,
It is an immense grace to stay in adoration of Jesus present in the Eucharistic Bread; it is the only Bread that encloses all the mysteries of the world's redemption.
In this period and in the next future the Church will go through difficult trials; It will suffer but It will also be purified by the blood of many of its children. Don't be scared: it isn't possible to silence revealed truths, it isn't possible to force others in closing the eyes to prevent seeing and condamning many false truths.
I am Bride and Mother of the Church and the offences that the earthly Bride of Christ received, and those that it will receive, are impressed in me.
We will struggle together to prevent Satan from annihilating this Church, which is source of life.



Photo of Mary's face with a bruise on the right side near the cheekbone and the eye