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The creation of Adam modelled on Christ

Message for the Association Sposa di Sion - Saronno, 17TH November 2011

My dear daughter,
Your torment is the torment of many of my children. Today the truth is very often veiled by the one who blinds.
And yet I continue to support my Son's cause. He has saved the world because mankind is an expression of God's love – love that was completely fulfilled in Jesus.
God's love became visible to the point that man was created on the model of Christ: God-Man.
Man contains within himself the image of God and his qualities, which could not be imprinted in an inferior condition but only in a condition of perfect union with God as it was in the Garden of Eden, where the man molded by God was placed.
I myself am the example of all this: a place similar to the context in which Adam was created, devoid of sin and rich in the Holy Spirit – immaculate in order to host the God-Man who couldn't have been conceived in a condition of contamination, but only in an uncontaminated matter, just as my womb was. Otherwise, Jesus, as man, would not have been perfect in order to save the world.
The same occurred with the creation of Adam: since man is God's image impressed into matter on the model of Christ, he had to be created perfect, just like his Creator. Since he is the image of Jesus, he couldn't be created in contaminated matter.
When this happened, a second Adam was necessary – one who was perfect, born of a woman without sin – to redeem him who had introduced sin into the matter created by God uncontaminated like himself. Sin has polluted matter, the sacrifice of Christ has redeemed it. Man will regain his incorruptible nature and return to be the image of God.