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Where Heaven touches the Earth

Message for the islamic community - 12TH September 2006

Mary, Mother of Jesus,
that Jesus who strongly believed in the promise that God made to Abraham, to bless all the families [nations] of mankind, and who answered it by preaching and encouraging to the conversion of hearts.
Where Abraham showed great faith in the God of our fathers, now there’s lots of hatred and resentment around that God who actually is love.
Now I plead with you to have faith in the only God of love, as Abraham did. He loves every human being who is born, because each life is an expression of this love.
In his great love, God did not permit Isaac to be sacrificed because he doesn’t want any human sacrifice! It is a God who wanted to put in contact his heaven to earth, therefore he sent his son Jesus to preach a message of hope and love.
Now I urge you: change your heart in order to be more and more similar to the Creator, who brings out the great feeling of brotherly love in all expressions of creation.
Promote and preach peace and love; struggle, but not because driven by hatred, struggle so that people can perceive God's presence and his love.

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