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I will bring peace to your nation

Message for a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo - Feast of the Archangels, 29TH September 2012

Dear Children,
May the Spirit of God guide you to that which God has called you. I will give you a hand and I will guide you and protect your being from every contamination that comes from the Enemy of God, but you must carry before you the cross of my Son. It will lead the way and give nourishment to your project of love. I ask you to build a church dedicated to me. I am the Bride of the Family, and I will offer help to every family that turns to me.
You must dedicate it to me in the month dedicated to me, and then everything will be tinged with love, and many graces will descend upon that nation beloved by my heart. But pray a lot. Satan cannot stand all this […]. I bless you and I will bless my representation of the Bride that will bring peace to your nation. I bless you, together with my beloved Son.



Refugees escaping from the Kivu region - autumn 2012