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Don't make the mistake again

Message for the Church - 3RD September 2008

Giulio: This afternoon at 3 PM, inside the church of Mazzo, in the chapel dedicated to the Madonna of Fatima, while we were praying the holy rosary, at the third mystery, the Holy Virgin came as she appeared the first time (in the garments of Fatima) repeating the same words:

"Go to the priests and tell them what I tell you. You must remind them what I said on the night between the 5TH and the 6TH of April 2006: consecrate to my Immaculate Heart the nations that are heirs of the promise of Abraham. There where the three great rivers spring, where they divide and where they join again, lands will be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. It will take place not in this generation, nor in the next, but in the middle of the third generation. But before this can happen, the blood of many of God's children will be shed".

Giulio: Then Mary reaffirmed the importance of doing a public consecration of those nations, and She added:

"Don’t make the mistake that was made when I appeared at Fatima and I asked for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart".

Giulio: In the same message of the 5TH of April 2006, She recalled as follows:

"At this moment however, a terrible punishment looms over humanity, that God will bring to prevent Satan from achieving his purposes. Humanity must recognize that without God, death is a certainty. Help and convert the hearts of many people, this action will stop the hand of God".

Giulio: According to the Holy Virgin, the consecration of these populations would prevent these consequences. Subsequently, Mary cited another part of the same message:

"Pray, pray, pray for peace in the world. [...] If humanity remains indifferent to all of the means that God is giving for the world's salvation, then nothing can be done and the hand of God will strike heavily: when the sky will turn red and everything on earth will be coloured, know that the punishment of God is close".

Giulio: Then She explained why She appeared in the garments of the Madonna of Fatima at the beginning and why now She has done so again. She says that She has come back to fulfil some prophecies mentioned at Fatima, recalling the following part of the message mentioned above:

"Stop the hand that for a second time will attempt to strike the Holy Father. If this murderous hand is not stopped, my heart will be torn apart [...]. Pray that this will not happen, because it would be a victory for Satan and his army".

Giulio: Then She restated the need to intensify prayer for the Holy Father and for the Church. Finally, She explained another point indicated in that message:

"Many signs will associate with this place in the future, but at the moment I desire the conversion of your hearts".

Giulio: She promised that She will give a visible sign to everyone, and to the question as to when this will come to pass She replied:

"In all the places where God has sent me, nature exulted for my presence on earth and it participated with joy in the light that God sent on the earth. As well as touching the hearts of people, this light also touched their bodies and many emerged from their physical and spiritual suffering. But did that suffice for humanity to convert? Anything but! In this place too (Mazzo), to where I came to offer succour to families, many people make the heart of my Son happy and many are healed not just in the soul but also in the body. These signs, however, must be understood as a reflection of the inner change that leads to conversion, and not as an outer manifestation which serves only to make my presence superficial if not accepted with deep faith. Be sure: I will give a great visible sign to everyone to confirm all of this, not when you decide, but when God authorizes it, so that before these signs you can kneel to the greatness of God and recognize that you men and women thirst for His grace, and that only the blood of my Son can quench your thirst. It is through this faith in His sacrifice that you can continue to receive the Holy Spirit that is so abundant in the Church of my Son".