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Bride of the Land of the sons of Abraham

Message for mons. Fouad Twal, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem - Hebron 1ST April 2016

I have come so that the Gospel of my Son may become so bright that it chases the darkness from your heart and you may see it as the tool placed in your hands, which, with its strength, can change the heart of every human being created in the image of our Creator. Only the force of the Gospel can open up hearts to a desire for peace. I come to you so that your heart can be completely converted to the Gospel and filled up with that love which is capable of entering everyone who hears the good news contained within it.
Now I ask you to consecrate these lands to my Immaculate Heart!
I do not want to be just your “Heavenly Mother”; I also want to be the “Bride of every Family”, and I want to be venerated as the “Bride of the land of the Children of Abraham”. Accept my arrival in this new role in these lands, whose dust is still attached to my Son’s feet.
He does not want to shake of the dust of this land because he redeemed it with his Blood, and he wishes to sanctify it fulfilling the ancient Promise.
Next month is dedicated to the heart of my Son, the Son of the Almighty; promote a day dedicated to prayer, in which, for the second time, I ask you to invite the other descendants of the children of Abraham [Jews and Muslims], so that, together, you can call for peace.
Continue to walk together with me, so that my heart will triumph. This will come true when he who my Son placed in his Church as the universal Pastor will consecrate these lands to my Immaculate Heart.
Now the era has begun in which, if you listen to my words, I will lead you step by step to the fulfilment of the ancient Promise to bless all the families of the earth. I bring you my Son's smile.