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Dialogue between the Heavenly Father and a sinful son

Saronno - Spring 2002

I have loved you since you were child, just as I love all my creatures whom I have sent into this world, and, just like a father makes great plans for a child who will be born, I also make great plans for every life that forms in the womb of every woman. Here is something that concerns me deeply: Will the child who is born love me? Will he be able to show that it's possible to love one's own God unconditionally? My only Son managed to show the whole world that you can give of yourself completely and exclusively because of your love for me and for every human being. This Son is Jesus.
I asked myself this question about you: How can I be certain that he loves me?
Because I love you, I had no doubts, just as I have no doubts about any being who is born – I am certain he will love me!
But you, Satan, who were once my child, but who are now a “child of destruction”, you continue to make insinuations and to doubt the real reasons why my children love me. You, wicked being, even tempted my only Son, Jesus whom you wanted as your slave, but he showed the entire Universe that you are a liar and his kingdom of justice will give back to mankind all the freedom of the children of God.
But as far as you are concerned, my son, how can I show you that you truly love me? Only by having you tempted by he who uses evil to destroy my creatures. But he is so crazy that he does not realize that I can sanctify what is evil; and the suffering he causes I can turn into an instrument of holiness. In the case of my Son, the bruised heel was an instrument of redemption because it was that very heel which will defeat him [Satan]. Just as a father stays close to his sick child, holding his hand, caressing him, drying his sweat and suffering with him, so was I by your side and waited. And you, day after day, amazed me when every trace of innocence was destroyed and your right to human dignity was trampled upon, you smiled at me. Even though there was sin in you, just as there is in every human being, I asked myself, if the cause of sin is destroying every part of my creature, why does it not destroy his heart as well? Why does his heart keep growing? Why can’t you, Satan, rip out this heart?
Time went by and you, my child, grew, and I allowed you to be tempted by the most sordid things of this world. I was worried: how can this child taste the poison of this world and not be poisoned? And you, after you tried it, vomited up that filth and came and threw yourself in my arms.
But enough now! You have shown yourself to be a faithful son, and I recognize my mark in you...
But, perhaps, if you had been tempted in your body, how could you not waver? Then the Serpent sunk his sharp teeth into.
I was terribly worried, but you, as you yelled out you called upon your heavenly Father, you called him to your sickbed, not to be freed from pain but to squeeze my hand.
Then I wondered, how can I remedy the evil that my love’s Enemy has done? How can I can show you all my love? I wanted to reward you because, in your own small way, you helped to spread the Kingdom of Christ based on love.
In your eyes glittering with tears I perceived an immense desire, the desire to love and to give of yourself to others. My heart pounded because I was not able to contain my affection. Satan was already far away, even though he was ready to present me with other adversities. My heart could not stand it anymore, but you kept saying to me, “I promised to give of myself even in suffering, as long as it leads to the sanctification of your Name.”
So, I thought, I can do nothing better than give him a mother. There was a light in your eyes that expressed your profound gratitude. I gave you the Mother of my Son; he entrusted all of mankind to her great heart. You surprised and dazed me when, in the depths of your heart, I saw a light that is familiar to me, a great light that encloses the colors that surround my throne of glory.
You responded to my curiosity by saying “I have always loved your Son’s Mother. She has followed my way. With her I have never felt the need for any other because she is full of grace.” I had to rejoice, and I thought, I can no longer be sorry that I created man, because, even though sin has destroyed the perfection of my creatures, thanks to the sacrifice of my Son who died on the cross, man has been redeemed, and will once again be in harmony with my love. But what can I give you, my child?
So, I awaited your answer, but everything was immersed in a great silence, a silence which I saw was the silence of love and adoration. I kept saying to you, what can I do for you, my child? From your heart came a sweet scent pleasing to me, like the scent of incense.
So, I withdrew to heaven where I sat on my throne, close to the two People who are similar to me, and we formed that perfect unity, which makes it possible for the entire universe to exist, and we savored your adoration.