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Light sent into the world

Message for the Association Sposa di Sion - 3RD march 2007

Dear children,
yesterday I was with you and, as I promised, I dispensed lots of favours to those, who have been searching for long time in their hearts the peace that only God can give.
Lots of people look for glory and honour, but I’ve wanted to grant you a thing that my Son often shows: humility. So many times I’ve seen my Son washing the wounds of many people and drying them with so much love, and now that He sits on the right hand of God He still continues to bend over and kiss the open wounds of many people.
Dear children, keep walking in my light because this is the way showed by God, since God himself is the full light that penetrates the deepest darkness. I'm a ray of this light, sent into the world to lighten the Word of my Son, and make it shine.
Work in silence and in peace; this is the right way to testify that you really believe I’m with you.



Mazzo of Rho, church Mary Help of Christians: service of the 2ND day of the month