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From the sidewalk to freedom

Message for women who prostitute themselves - 12TH October 2006

Dear daughters,
there is so much darkness and sadness in this world!
Humankind is experiencing the domination of egoism and mankind is harvesting bitter fruits for having neglected and disdained the only God of love.
You are experiencing what Satan's plans are by proposing a distorted expression of love, which is only the result of egoism and disdain for human dignity.
I come to you to start with you a path of light and love. With your eyes clouded by the signs of marginalization and disappointment you think that God's light doesn't shine in you. Now I'll make the true light shine, the one that can give a meaning to life: I want you to know Jesus.
He was a man who wanted to give you a helping hand, and today He can give you back your dignity and confidence, as He did in the past. He is a man who taught how valuable respect and love towards each human being are.
Now I exhort you: give me your hand, let's go and meet Him, I want to bring you to Jesus. Turn to Him, to his presence visible in the form of bread and wine. Pray before Him and He will open up his heart and He will fill you with the warmth and love that he is the only one able to give you.
Come on the second day of each month, go into churches which are closer to you and humble yourself before my Son's heart, who is present in the visible sign of bread and open up your heart. He's waiting for you and He will show you what you need to become worth of being temple of the Holy Spirit.
I will be waiting for you on the threshold of each church and I will light your way. On the 2ND of each month I will be present to distribute lots of flowers given to me by God for mankind, but don't forget that Jesus is present in the Holy Eucharist and I am beside Him in every moment to intercede before the Throne of the most Holy Trinity!
The 2ND of each month shall be an important day so that you remember that I am among you.
Pray and spread the Holy Rosary, recite it every day; consecrate yourself to my Immaculate Heart; pray so that God may transform you as He wants and not as Satan wishes; pray for the many lives suppressed in many of you; pray so that God may open up your heart and the one of many people who come to you disgracing the name they bear. Pray and don't be afraid!