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Collect and guard it

Message for the parish of Mazzo - 21TH September 2006

Dear devoted children,
for a long time God, in his great love, has outstretched his hand to humankind and He has invited it to conversion and prayer.
Satan hates God, he hates the value of the sacrifice of Jesus and he hates mankind to the point of wanting the destruction of the entire earth. This can never happen, because the blood of my Son flows like a river and goes to heal the damage of sin, transforming death into life.
My coming to this place is an expression of the love of God: I touched this place so that a plan of research and conversion to God and to Jesus can originate from it.
To this end, your full willingness is required for that commitment to which Jesus, through his Word, has been calling us … but which the world has ignored.
You are asked to be the custodians of that which in the future will be the spring at which many people can gain access to the water of life, that flows from the heart of my Son and that finds its full completion in the Eucharist and in the Revelation.
You must be the custodians of that which God in his love wants to diffuse through me: I am the Queen of heaven and earth. God has placed me in this position and I am by the side of my Son.
Do not fear: I cannot take away anything of the plan of salvation that has been realized only in Jesus. I cannot give my body and my blood, because only Jesus could do this and He does it every time the bread and the wine are consecrated.
I am here before you so that we can go together to the source of salvation: Jesus. But I ask you not to allow Satan to infiltrate among you. Cultivate the fruits of God’s Holy Spirit, above all love and peace.
You, like every parish, are asked to assign value to prayer and repentance. On the 2ND day of every month pray for families, pray for the Holy Father, go out and proclaim the Gospel to all the people you meet. Do it that day with greater urgency and you will gather the fruits of the many conversions that will take place. Collect and guard what I transmit to you, because there will come a time when it will all have value.
Let yourselves be led by what I am already doing in many parishes of the world. I ask you to be at my side not to destroy but to build, not to divide but to unite.
Consecrate yourselves to my heart and to the heart of Jesus. Remember the great value of humility. Work not in glory and in power, but in humility and at the service of the most forsaken: this is great in the eyes of God!

Mazzo in Rho: church Mary Help of Christians