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I saw the Bride descend

Message for families - 13TH July 2005

My dear children,
I am the Bride of the Family and in this time of anguish and spiritual darkness I bring you a message of hope and love. I have come among you to bring you a gift which, if it is accepted, will bear fruit and glorify God. I have come as Bride in order to offer comfort and help to all of those families who are threatened by the destructive armies of Satan, whose aim is to destroy everything that God has created in his great love, including the family, which is one of the expressions of God.
I plead with you to stop and think about! Do not continue destroying the unity of the family. God, in his great love, exhorts you to imitate his love and his patience. In times of great tension, consider His way of thinking and apply His measuring stick! If you do this, many families will be spared this plague and the suffering of many innocent creatures will be avoided.
Over the centuries I have appeared as a mother and this is of course what I am, because it is the role that God has assigned me. Now, however, I appear to you in a role of which I have past experience: the role of Bride. I know this human experience with all of its attendant worries and disappointments, but I have also experienced the intervention of God and I know how the faith in Him can resolve problems that previously appeared irresolvable.
Humanity is at present threatened by momentous events which will bring difficult times on the whole planet. Many of my children will fall if now they are not supported and fortified. Satan wishes to lead humanity to self-destruction and his deranged plan is advancing like a hurricane, destroying everything in its path. Satan's destructive fury crushes all before it, including the family. Humanity in its mad rush no longer considers life as a gift. Man, in his arrogance, wishes to be like his Creator, but his pride will instead lead him to emulate the one who opposed God. But God, in his great mercy, reaches out a hand so that, through prayer and through the Eucharist, we may continue to enjoy the spiritual understanding that we need in order to resist the spirit of division that is at work in this world.
I ask those families who have been infiltrated by such a spirit to reflect on how they may reach a solution which pleases God. I am able to help you if you allow me to enter your homes and to sit at your table. An effective way of doing this is to get your families to say the Holy Rosary with faith and reflection. This is an instrument which is often neglected but it is a great gift which unites families the world over. Many families have known the bitter taste of separation! So many families live in situations of distress and anguish, so many divided families are paying the bitter price of turning away from God! God still reaches out a hand to all, in his infinite mercy. God speaks through his Church and the submission to His Church is submission to Him. Everyone can say the Holy Rosary and everyone can find there a comfort and everyone can receive a reply from our merciful Father. I am the Bride of the Family and I will come to every home where the Holy Rosary is said and I will bring there the blessing of my Son, which is a blessing that shall surely bear fruit. Place your trust in prayer and penance, recognize the enormity of my Son's sacrifice and draw sustenance from his Body and from his Blood. Do not wait for your family to be shaken by the spirit of division but instead of this, entrust yourselves to my heart at the first sign of danger and increase the intensity of your prayers. Bear witness to the power of the Holy Rosary, speak of it with others and help them understand its great value, because it encompasses all of the events involved in God's plan for the salvation of humanity.
I urge you to consecrate your families to my Immaculate Heart and I will remember you before the throne of the Holy Trinity. Do not be afraid: I am at your side, because whenever you receive the Holy Sacrament and partake of the Bread and Wine I am there close to you. Bear testimony to God's plan for the salvation of humanity and remember that prayer and penance are very effective ways of ensuring that poisonous seeds are not sown in your hearts. Keep your marriage free from thoughts that try to justify infidelity as a trifle and be wise and wary of visions of the world that go against the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and the teachings of the Church.
Do not allow yourself to be deceived by Satan, who may lead you astray but who cannot deviate the Church from its path and much less the Revelation. I shall stay at your side and spur you on. Pray often for your families and for the whole world and you will see the power of prayer take form within your families. I shall continue to give strength to the family because, through the family, the Church of my Son is fortified.
Remember to consecrate your families to my Immaculate Heart.