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The Gospel of Mary

Message for the Church - Jerusalem: church of Saint Anne, 31 maggio 2014

Dear children,
There where my Son’s heart has been squeezed to the last drop of its Blood, and there where Abraham showed his great love, the land trembles to see the heavens that descend to touch it where the ancient Promise waits for hearts to open.
I now bring you some good news: God is about to fulfil his ancient Promise, and, through the seed of Abraham, all the families of the earth will be blessed! Now, God, with his great love begs you to open your hearts to God’s touch. Lift up your eyes and you will see Jesus the Bridegroom returning on the clouds of heaven. Gather the drops of his love, and nourish yourselves with it because only by nourishing yourselves with this love, will you be able to generate love. This is what we find in the depths of this seed. Only by cultivating this seed can we make it sprout so that it bears its great fruit, love.
Pray the second of every month so that this time comes about; the second of every month is the day consecrated to me: invite others to pray on this day.
Pray for families. Pray for the Consecration of the children of Abraham. You will soon understand the meaning of this request.
I bring you the blessing of Jesus, and, most importantly, his smile.



Jerusalem: church of Saint Anne