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Starting from Jerusalem

Message for the Church - 24TH January 2010

Go to the priests and tell them:
"Dear faithful friends in Christ, I’m the Bride of the family and I've come to this place [Jerusalem, Church of the Holy Sepulchre area], where my Son defeated death and where, through his blood, he will heal the entire human race, loved by God and saved by him.
Now I ask you this: consecrate these lands to my heart; only in this way you can hasten the triumph of Jesus, King of Kings, and bring closer the day of the fulfilment of God’s ancient Promise addressed to Abraham's descendants and extended to all humankind. If this shouldn’t happen, a terrible punishment will be inflicted upon the world, starting from this land, whose soil has been impregnated with my Son's blood. His blood is full of love for these peoples, but Satan wants to hinder that the fruit of this love reaches them.
Only by consecrating these lands to God it is possible to overturn the current situation and only in this way these sufferings can be spared to the Church of my Son: divisions from within and prosecutions from outside.
I'll be in the midst of my Son's Bride because I'm part of it, and I'll appear more and more frequently also in other parts of the world, so that you can believe that I'm part of God's plans and not a mere intruder, as I already told you in the past.
Fire will rise to the sky from the entire human race already laden with sufferings, a fire that soon will colour everything in red and rivers of blood will flow... But God doesn't want this!

[Giulio: The Virgin showed me a vision of peoples fighting against each other, involved in a world-wide war in which European nations are being particularly hard hit. The statement "But God doesn't want this!" makes it clear that this "punishment" does not shows God's true will; it is rather the consequence of the tragic separation of mankind from Him].

"Only prayer, fasting, receiving the Body and Blood of my Son in the Holy Communion and a life lived in holiness will prevent the worst from happening.
Take seriously the content of the Revelation, turn it into practice, live an immaculate life as it was mine; only then God will be able to shut Satan's mouth and it will be possible to admire my Son's Bride, his Church in its entire purity. I bring you my Son’s blessing".