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The value of chastity

Message for the parish of Poggibonsi - 20TH May 2006

I am the Bride and the Mother of the Family.
Satan tries to demolish people's will to react to his destructive mad folly: run for shelter, save your families! I have come among you to help you renew your means aimed at blocking and defeating the machinations of the demon: feed yourselves on the Holy Eucharist, believe firmly in the presence of my Son in the Bread and in the Wine, return to the Sacrament of the Reconciliation with a new spirit of repentance but also of rebirth through a true conversion of the heart.
You young people, assign value to the great gift of living in the real and holy observance of your chastity. It is an expression of God that, as every God’s laws, Satan wants to present as a restriction.
Convert and pray! Trying times await humanity. The recitation of the Holy Rosary is a powerful and guaranteed weapon with which you can obtain the graces you need from my Son Jesus. These graces are freely bestowed on you through those mysteries that my Son fulfilled.
Consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart, consecrate your families, and consecrate the families in difficulty. You young people, consecrate the desire to live in chastity. You wives and husbands, consecrate and renew your marriage vows based on faithfulness, respect and love. Consecrate your parishes to my Immaculate Heart.
Come to this place on the 2ND of every month. Come with faith and I will be your source, I will heal your families; I will heal you young people of your uncertainties. Pray for the Holy Father and for the earthly Church of my Son. I will teach you the great value of prayer and its healing power. Teach the Holy Rosary to those who do not know its greatness of intercession. Bear open witness to the value of the sacrifice of Jesus. Do not be ashamed to pronounce yourselves as followers of Christ, the true King, the only means of redemption. I will be by your side and will push you towards Him. I will come into your homes and affix the Cross of my Son as a means of redemption.
Where the Holy Eucharist is at the centre of the family, and where the Holy Rosary is recited, I will be on the threshold of your homes and Satan will not be able to enter.
But open your homes to my many needful children.
Donate your love to the world. Donate your love to my many outcast and forgotten children. Give them honour and dignity.
Pray, Pray, Pray