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Mother of Abraham's children and their nations

Message for the Church - 4TH March 2009

Dear children,
I am the Bride of the family. Rivers of blood are flowing in the world, human life is nullified and human beings, the expression of God’s love, are scorned. Jesus has assigned great value to human life and He has shown this by sacrificing his own life for every human being.
I am present in the Church of my Son so that humanity looks to Him who saved it, my Son Jesus.
I am the Bride of my Son and I am part of the [Church] Bride, but I want to extend a hand to all the children of the great friend of God, Abraham, to whom was made the promise to bless, through his seed, all the nations of the earth. And that seed is Jesus.
I ask you to consecrate those lands to my Immaculate Heart. Since I am the Mother of the sons of Abraham and of their nations, who can help those lands to convert to the Messiah better than me? I am the Queen of heaven and earth and I have come to you to assist in the salvation of the human family.
Pray so that this consecration comes to pass. Remember the promise I made to you: not in this generation, not in the next, but half way through the third generation the nations that inherited the promise of Abraham will be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.
Know that if this is not done, a great punishment will strike the world: when the sky turns to red and everything on the earth is coloured, nothing will be able to stop the hand of God.
Go to the priests and give them this message. Tell everyone what God wants, everything that I have told you in this message. I bring you the blessing of the Holy Trinity.