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What God asks of us in these times

Message for the Association Sposa di Sion - Feast of Christ the King, 10TH November 2013

My dear children,
You who find comfort in Christ, and admire the beauty of God our Father and Creator, observe the perfection in all of creation and give glory to him. Christ, with his love, has made everything more luminous. Now I ask you to work with me.
Over the centuries I have appeared to mankind in various ways, with various garments and expressions to make my message more understandable and suitable for the situations, needs and times. Do not make the mistake of remaining stuck on one of my appearances of a long time ago and neglect the more recent ones. I live in the Church of my Son. I represent it and give my help so that the final meeting with Jesus may occur with a Church that is pure and ready for its and my Bridegroom. I will continue to appear to mankind in a way that is fuller and more frequent because my presence is desired by God.
My presence will be increasingly visible until my Son arrives to carry out the plan of salvation for both the living and the dead.
In this period, I have appeared as the Bride of the Family. Accept my invitation: save the family with prayers, with your effort and by consecrating yourselves to this cause.
I call you personally. Learn how to recognize my voice in your hearts when I call you. This is my invitation and this the seed I have planted in your heart. Be aware that in these times God asks you to work to save the family. Answer my invitation and bring Jesus’ blessing to your families.