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Returned to bless

Message for the parish priest of the town of Mazzo - Sanctuary of Caravaggio, 12TH April 2015

Dear son and minister of my Son’s Church,
The world darkened by the devil’s nauseating fumes receives a breath of fresh air from the Gospel of Jesus, who, by offering his own life, has freed mankind from the chains of sin.
Once again I have come back to you [of the parish of Mazzo] to invite you to work with me on our Heavenly Father’s great plan so that the light of the Gospel will provide mankind with his only hope.
I have come to you so that, by means of my intercession with my Son, mankind can receive the blessing the world is thirsting for: peace. This is why I now ask you to consecrate the lands of the sons of Abraham to the Immaculate Heart. Give the Mother of your Savior the welcome she deserves. As I promised, I have returned with even greater blessings. Recognize me as the one who was announced by the prophets. Jesus is the savior of the world, not me. But I'm the one who carried in her womb him, him who was fed by the Holy Spirit and molded by the hands of God, in order to introduce him to the whole mankind as the prophesied Messiah - the Son of God. The eternal mark of the God-Man had to remain in me, and so, how can you not understand the holiness of my womb? How can you not venerate her whom the angels of God continue to call “blessed by God”? Soon I will give you, as I promised, the Scriptures to understand the greatness of my creation. Open your heart to my coming in my Son's parish. I bring you his blessing.