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"Field hospital" Church

Message for young people - Saint John the Baptist Parish in Garbagnate Milanese, 1ST febbraio 2015

My dear young people,
The light of your heart might very well be extinguished while the world is overcome by the blackest darkness with its false lights, which, one after another, are darkened. It seems as if the reign of darkness is winning, but do not be afraid. Your future is brightened by a great light, a light that gives strength, hope and, most important, love. This light is Jesus!

[Giulio: while Mary was speaking, in a vision she showed me mankind walking towards a great light that is Christ. All these people were in one way or another sick, and all them were being treated and nourished with the sacraments of the Church which gave them the strength to continue on the path towards the light of Christ. Mary said to me: “Do you see? You are all sick and subject to death because of sin and you are all walking towards him who can cure you – Jesus”].

My dear children, he can give meaning to your lives and light your way. Run to him and open your hearts to him, and then your mind will open and you will be able to understand the meaning of life, which is Jesus. He awaits you in the sacraments and in his Word in order to answer your questions about the profound meaning of life: the meaning of suffering, the meaning of death, the meaning of the misunderstanding and contempt for life... You young people, by encountering the light of Christ, will work with him to brighten and cleanse the world of darkness. I bring you his Word: “Love and you will be loved by me!”.

[Giulio: in the vision, a breeze from on high cleansed the world and those young, who had encountered Jesus, were associated with the purifying action of the breeze of the Holy Spirit].