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You will be like an open book for them

Message for Giulio - November 2011

You have already concluded your work in this life, and you have sown the seed that God gave you to spread. Now it is time to wait until it bears fruit, but only the breath of the Holy Spirit can bring this fruit.
The smile of my Son continues to cheer the heart of our Father, but Satan keeps tormenting mankind and his breath tries to overpower the breath of the Holy Spirit - trying to destroy and annihilate the breath of life of the Holy Spirit.
My Son's Bride is continuously tempted. Her robe is muddied with the dirty mud thrown on her by Satan's army; they wish to cancel the image of the Bride and they want my Son to be deprived of that union which has been promised for centuries. But I am immaculate and spotless. I am the image of what my Son's Bride will be like at the final meeting. She will be adorned with pristine dresses, and she will shine in all her splendor. However, first she must go through fire so that she can come forth purified. Now, gather around yourself those who believe in my coming and may be consecrated to the purpose I have expressed.
You will be for them an open book – pour forth on them all you have received. Let them take part in your spiritual banquet and transmit to them everything that you have not been able to do. Don't be hesitant and don't worry about anything. You are consecrated to me and they must do the same. You have been chosen by me and you will be my representative. You will cheer my Son's heart. Soon bitter times will come to you, but don't be afraid – are perhaps you alone?