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The Bride sullied and the beauty of the Church

Message for the Association Sposa di Sion - Valle Guidino, 12TH May 2012

Dear children,
As promised, it has happened. I have come to you with songs of joy and hymns of praise for God Almighty, despite Satan’s desire to stop it. Did you think that he had forgotten about my coming to you?
Nothing eludes he who wishes to destroy everything. He tries to render your cries to God sterile, but I, by coming to you, guarantee that nothing that comes from your heart will remain unheard and everything is sifted by God.
I have come to you so that you can participate more in the plan for salvation of my Son Jesus. Perhaps, you have fallen asleep or forgotten that since the day of your baptism you have been dead to this world and have risen to an immaculate life in the service of Jesus. Now I ask you to consecrate yourself to my heart. You can do this if you defend the Church by acting in accordance with the principles of Jesus, and by emphasizing a faith in him testified by consistent actions. Every one of your expressions and actions must reflect those of Jesus. I have come to you for two reasons: to have you rediscover the beauty of the Church of Jesus, and to promote your capacity to defend it.