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The mystery of Mary in Church's life

Message for the Church- 15TH April 2009

Dear child,
you continue to be by my side in these difficult times for the Church of my Son. I bring to you not just the blessing of Jesus but above all his smile. Don't be scared but go to the priests and tell them:
"I am the Queen of heaven and earth, but in this era I have revealed myself as Bride of the Family so that I can cooperate in the salvation of the human family. I am she who from the first pages of the Revelation was placed as a means, given by God, to collaborate on his plan for salvation.
He himself moulded me and prepared me in all the pureness needed to welcome the Redeemer of the entire universe, and still today I am present among the Church of my Son to participate, as a part of that Bride, in the great encounter that will soon take place with the Groom, Jesus. And yet, many of you do not understand my role and you lose a vital part of the knowledge of the Scriptures where I am spoken of in different ways. Only prayer to the Holy Spirit can illuminate and help you see clearly the many Scriptures that speak of me. I ask you once again: consecrate the land of the children of Abraham to my Immaculate Heart. I want to be not only Mother of those lands, but also Bride. There where God made his great promise to bless all the nations through my Son, it seems that disharmony reigns. Yet the blood of my Son boils and it is germinating those seeds fed by his blood. Join in prayer and have faith in the ancient promise".
Continue to convert your heart to the Gospel of Jesus. Continue to love the Holy Scriptures as you have always done. Learn to contemplate them and continue relentlessly to convey what God asks you through me. Allow yourself to be taught by the Church of my Son, but know that as long as God keeps you in this life you will need to go on bearing witness to my coming among you. I leave you now praying to my Son for you.