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The Kingdom of God and the throne of Satan

Message for the parish of Taormina - Vigil on the 1TH March 2013

Dear Children,
Satan's goal is to destroy the Church of Jesus, and so hard times await the Church. Satan wants to replace the Holy Eucharist by confusing people and making them doubt the real presence of Christ's Body and Blood.
I have come to ask you to defend this truth with your upright conduct. Besides making you doubt, Satan has placed his throne where the Kingdom of God was proclaimed from the beginning.
Now I urge you to stop profaning Christ's name, to stop profaning the holy bond of matrimony with your infidelity and to stop placing the pursuit of material gain ahead of your pursuit of the Kingdom of God. Seek once more the Kingdom of God and adore the God of Love. I beseech you:

  • to introduce an in-depth study of God’s Word;
  • to reflect on the importance of receiving the Sacraments;
  • to recite the Holy Rosary in your parishes and families;
  • to help the needy.

I will come to you in a more tangible way on the second of every month, and I will guide you to your meeting with Jesus, while the Holy Spirit will help you to overcome your many doubts, especially about the real presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist so that Satan’s throne will be demolished by your sound faith. I bring you Jesus’ embrace.