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Come here the 2nd of every month and I will come to you

Message for the parish of Mazzo - 26TH January 2006

Dear children,
I am the Bride of the Family. Jesus is suffering terribly due to the condition of humanity, which moans in sin and which continues to throw mud on his face bloodied by sin. Remove all of this mud! Give back to my Son the honour and dignity suitable for a King! He will come soon and He will bring with him the prize and the punishment, joy and pain, honour and dishonour. Give more time to prayer and to meditation on the Word of God. Convert yourselves to the heart of my Son and consecrate yourselves to mine.
Soon I will be placed there where I chose, but I want to be placed in your hearts!
The 2ND of February shall be an important day for you, remember: it is the day of my placement and also the day in which you prove that you desire me as a mother by your side and as a bride at the side of your families. You will come to this place every year, you, your families and your friends, and I will remember my promises. I will grant favours to your families, but not only to them. I will help everyone of you in the journey towards conversion and complete realization in God, the only true source of happiness and life.
Come on the 2nd of every month and I will come to you.
Throw your flowers at my feet and I will gather them and in turn I will grant you all that God has given me for each one of his children.
Come on the 2ND of every month and encourage the recitation of the Rosary and the consecration to my Heart.
Come, consecrate you, your children and your friends to me, and above all to my Son. I can't do anything else than approve the great plan that God has prepared for the salvation of the world.
Pray and give time to generosity towards my many children that suffer because egoism and indifference are spreading throughout the world.
Come. Bring all of your pain and I will give you comfort!
Pray! Pray! Pray!