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Light beyond the darkness

Message for the Association Sposa di Sion - 9TH December 2006

Dear children,
I have so longed to have you at my side to praise my son Jesus with you, and now I tell you: don't be discouraged because Satan cannot impede the fulfilment of God’s plan. Your consecration to my Immaculate Heart has already taken place in your heart before you pronounce it with your mouth. My sadness is due to my strong desire to see the fulfilment of my Son's redemption plan. Now I urge you: pray and do not doubt, I’m at your side. Intensify your prayer and the daily attendance to the Holy Eucharist; prayer will defeat the Hell’s power. You have to pray for the Holy Father, you have to pray for the conversion of Abraham's children. I'll come to this place and I'll give you peace. Do not be scared by world's condition, but be able to look beyond the darkness at the light of the Holy City coming down from Heaven. I’m in this place and I'll continue to be, like in many other spots of the world. Lots of graces spring where my feet touched the earth: come to these places, take ill people there and my Son will heal them, but most of all, He will heal your heart. Do not cease praying the Holy Rosary. May my Son's blessing descend upon you.