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Stones will fight too

Saint Michael’s first message - 17TH March 2007

Rome: Statue of Saint Michael Archangel on the top of Castel Sant'Angelo

Write down what you see and hear, and give it to who honors me: don’t forget that together we are those who adore the Most Holy Trinity. I am he in whose hands God has given the authority to bind and fight against the spiritual beings who struggle to establish the kingdom of darkness. Dark times and thick gloom are falling on all of mankind. Satan has arrived for the last and decisive battle against the Prince of Light who arrives on the clouds of heaven to defeat the ranks of rebel angels. He is at the door: the value of his sacrifice, and total faith in it, will save the world from destruction. Satan, because of his hatred of God, wants to decimate your ranks, you, my devoted guardians. He is trying to infiltrate and to spread doubt and rebellion; these are the weapons which he has perfected over the centuries and they are extremely effective. Run for cover, and pray with greater intensity in the dead of the night so that darkness does not overwhelm the light. Bind Satan with your prayers. Act with a new and peaceful spirit, and bring glory to Christ, the King of the Universe, with your actions. In his Church, Jesus has left you effective means to fight him [Satan]. Renew your loyalty towards his Church.
Pray and offer sacrifices to the living God for the salvation and the conversion of the world. Pray to your King’s Mother, and be ready to wait faithfully. Get ready, and if you want, the 8th of each month I will come and give you strength and vigor. On that day I will be present to give you strength to fight Satan. The 8th of June, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, will come with me, and together we will give the desire and the strength to act to this place which has witnessed the presence of God.
There where the Spirit of God has blown, I will instill a great desire: even the stones will fight against Lucifer and his ranks. Together we can defeat them. Pray to the holy angels so that they will show you how to appreciate the value of nourishing yourselves with the Body and Blood of Him who is the only one able to destroy the Kingdom of Satan and establish the Kingdom of Christ, the only one that will bring peace to earth.