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I am among you, but you don't see me nor hear me

Message for three priests - 4TH July 2007

Dear Child (Giulio),
your sufferings and those of your friends in Christ are the consequence of a clear and fruitful love for God. Continue to bring to God many withered flowers which shall be regenerated by the blood of my Son Jesus.
My heart is now sad and my smile may disappear on account of the foolishness of my devoted children, who preach their love for me without understanding that I want to be loved not with the honours of men but with those of God, the deepest expression of His love.
From the day I said “I do”, I have covered myself in the precious gift of humility and now I say to you: You want to bring a piece of ancient and distant history to a procession, and you want to keep alive the memory of my apparition many years ago, in a place far from where you are, and this is right.
But now I ask you: Why don’t you see me, even if I am among you? Why don’t you hear me, even if I speak to you? Do you prefer to live on distant memories and not to listen to me now that I am present among you? You fill me with honour, but it is you who want to be honoured!
Now I exhort you: repent and convert, transform your pride into humility and your desire for glory into service for your brethren. This is what I desire.
You crown me, and yet you fail to remove the crown of thorns from the head of my Son. You chain my hands with the crown of the Rosary but you leave the nails fixed in the hands of my Son. You fill me with scented flowers, but you leave my Son hanging on the cross with the smell of His sweat and His blood. Perhaps you ask yourselves: what does all this mean? As I pass in the procession I will carefully seek the glance of the many humble and sincere persons at whom I shall smile, because they remind me of the smile of my Son.