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Love is more powerful than the atomic bomb

Message during the Week of prayer for the Peace in the Middle East - Parish of Saint Bernard in Lainate, 14TH July 2016

My dear children,
During these days of prayer, you cannot imagine how much suffering and how many prayers and tears for peace from all over the world are rising up to God! All this is making his face shine more than the moon, the sun and the entire firmament! The splendor of this light shines on mankind and chases away the red clouds of war.
Now I ask you to intensify your prayers so that your heart will be converted and become as bright as the face of our Father. May the light of his face shine on you!

Giulio: After saying these words, Mary revealed this vision to me: bombs and bullets that no longer contained just deadly components but also contained part of the heart of all those who are praying and doing penitence for peace. These parts, like so many hope-, life- and peace-bearing seeds were scattered at the moment of the explosion. Mary then described the force of prayers and love as greater than the destructive force of weapons:

Mary: Love is more powerful than the atomic bomb, and while the deadly effect of weapons ends in an instant, the love of those invoking God for peace has been sown and will bear fruit over time!

Giulio: So, the Virgin Mary has encouraged us to intensify even more our prayers, penitence and efforts to convert our hearts.
Next year at this time she has invited us to promote a spiritual path that will last forty days since:

Mary: With prayer it is possible to change the course of history, and show in the conflict between God and the devil, just as Job did, that the devil is a liar!

Giulio: What Mary means by “conversion” we can find in the text of the Prayer of Consecration, which she invited us to meditate on by applying it to ourselves before we apply it to the Middle East. Finally, she asks us to gather those who will bear witness to this Week of Prayer for the peace celebrated around the world.