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In the Potter's workshop

Message for the parish San Maurizio of Erba - 12TH April 2013

Dear Children,
I come to you as the Bride and bring you Christ's blessing.
Humanity risks being sucked into the vortex of Satan, and a dark pall is about to enwrap the world, but I bring you hope for the future. Lift up you heads and look upon Jesus who returns victorious to bring humanity to the completion of his plan for salvation. Now I ask you to convert your heart and to show it in your life. Let the hands of Jesus mold your heart, and, just like a potter, he knows how to turn earth into a new being and how to give you a heart full of love.

[Giulio: while she was saying these things, Mary showed me the image of a withered heart and two masculine hands, which she said were her Son's hands and which were molding the heart, and giving it a new form, blood and vitality. She did this so that I would understand what she meant by her invitation to convert – to let oneself be molded anew by Christ].

I ask your parish:

  • to hope once again in the Coming of Jesus and the final establishment of his Kingdom;
  • to study deeply the Word of God;
  • to receive the Body and Blood of my Son with more faith in his actual presence;
  • set up an annual prayer vigil to keep alive the expectation the Coming of my Son.

I bless each of your families.



"Rise up, be off to the potter's house;
there I will give you my message"
(Jer 18,2)