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The blood of martyrs

Message for the Group of the Eight - 1ST March 2015

Dear children,
The faith and blood of the many people devoted to Christ blocks the advance of all this evil, but you are not concerned with the death of so many of your brothers! Your eyes do not want to see and your ears do not wish to hear. You ignore and trample upon their blood which is precious in the eyes of God. Open your heart and pray so that sky will not be tinged with red. Now I ask you, you who have been chosen by me for a task: value my Son’s Blood and value the blood of those who love him. You cannot be at peace, and you cannot, in this time of reflection on the value of my Son’s Blood, ignore the eighth Vow: there where my Son’s Blood is about to invade and heal those lands, I ask you to take up the cross of those who are no longer able to bear it. And you, Angelo, fill your mind and your heart so that the temple of God will be rebuilt. In this period of grace, you will see two things that will make you reflect: the blessing on my association and Satan’s attack. Ask God to make your cross heavier so that, for your pain and your faith, Satan will run away from the Church of Jesus.



Follow Me - Wael Mories, 2015