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When the sky will be red coloured

Message for the Church: without God, it is death for sure! - 5TH April 2006

Dear children,
I am the Bride of the Family and the Mother of whole humanity. My presence on earth is intended to help you to proclaim the Kingdom of my Son and testify the value of his Blood.
The time has come to unsheathe our swords and to become involved in the battlefield against Satan and his demons. They wish to lead mankind to self-destruction, but this will be prevented by the precious blood of my Son.
The world knows the name of Jesus, but knows little about the value of his Blood and does not believe fully in its presence during the Holy Eucharist.
I urge you now to use the sword of the Spirit to defend and convert the hearts of people: the prayer, the Holy Eucharist, the recitation of the Rosary and the meditation on the Revelation are all infallible weapons. Satan is powerless against them and his defeat is certain. At this moment however, a terrible punishment looms over humanity, that God will bring to prevent Satan from achieving his purposes. Humanity must recognize that without God, death is a certainty.
Help and convert the hearts of many people, this action will stop the hand of God.
I invite you to join me in saying the Rosary, together we can enchain the world. Yes, we can enchain it with the chain of the Holy Rosary: every heart that converts itself is another ring that joins this chain. Through these mysteries of salvation we can intercede once again with God and with my Son to prevent the terrible punishment that is going to shake this world. It is within our power to stop it!
Let us wake from our spiritual lethargy and proclaim to the world the Gospel preached by my Son. Do not be ashamed to be followers of Jesus – proclaim his truth through your words but also though your conduct.
Every second day of the month is a day that is dear to me. Consecrate yourselves and all you posses to my Immaculate Heart and proclaim to the world your faith.
Every second of the month, hang the salvific cross of my Son from your prayer beads [the rosary], say the Rosary publicly in the streets, squares, and show people that you are consecrated to me and that you are courageous witnesses, and I promise you that on that day nothing will be able to harm you.
Consecrate to my Immaculate Heart the nations that are heirs of the promise of Abraham. There where the three great rivers spring, where they divide and where they join again, lands will be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. It will take place not in this generation, nor in the next, but in the middle of the third generation. But before this can happen, the blood of many of God's children will be shed.
Stop the hand that for a second time will attempt to strike the Holy Father. If this murderous hand is not stopped, my heart will be torn apart. This will occur when all the world will be celebrating my heart. Pray that this will not happen, because it would be a victory for Satan and his army.
Come to this place on the 2ND of each month, bring here those families that are in need but not only them, bring also your sick and I will bestow many graces, as already I am doing.
Many signs will associate with this place in the future, but at the moment I desire the conversion of your hearts.
Pray and transform your lives, unite your families and support those who have fallen, proclaim that Jesus is the only salvation that can free humanity from its infirmities. Pray, pray, pray for peace in the world, because many children are waiting to be touched in their hearts, do penance and ask for God's mercy.
If humanity remains indifferent to all of the means that God is giving for the world's salvation, then nothing can be done and the hand of God will strike heavily: when the sky will turn red and everything on earth will be coloured, know that the punishment of God is close. In that case all you can do is to take shelter under my mantle and perhaps I will be able to protect you. However, everything can be changed through your commitment. Join the spiritual battle, I will march at the head of this army, whose weapon will be the one expressed by my Son's Word: the love.