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A soul confides

A mother’s message to her child - Spring 2005

Giulio, I have come for the few brief moments granted by God’s mercy. I had begged him for some time for a chance to communicate with you. The great Father heard my prayers and he has transported me on his wings to you.
Without his intervention, it would have been impossible to meet you, just as it is impossible for you to come to me.
A great spiral-shaped abyss where Satan reigns separates us, and, at every one of your and our attempts to meet, we are sucked into this deep, dark vortex - a darkness which is impossible to describe. Only through God's will is it possible to pass this bourne without being sucked in.
A nauseating smoke ascends from Satan and arrives all the way to the Heavenly City, whose gates are barred so as to keep the stench from entering.
In this City where everything is light, the brightness is so strong as to render everything transparent, as if it were crystal.
And now that nothing separates us, I can express what has tormented me for long time and which does not give me peace.
I have not come to ask for your forgiveness, because you feel no bitterness in your heart for me – I who am a victim like you – or for your father.
Your father, in his madness, has dragged me against you, my son, many times, but your only fault was to serve God.
Only now do I understand that your choice was a wise one; I am still paying for this and other faults.
I am, however, sure that soon I will be able to meet him whose presence is in every corner of the universe.
I have begged continuously. My heart, the heart of a mother, could not rest in peace without expressing all my love towards a son who I thought was ungrateful.
In his great love I know that one day I will be united with our Heavenly Father, and I believe that the same will happen to you. But one thing is certain: you will be in my heart for all of eternity, wherever we are, together or apart. There has always been much love in my heart. Only now can I see how much you suffered for my death and your father’s – I could see your sad eyes.
In my torment I said to God, “Help me. I cannot forget my son’s sadness.” He, through his great mercy, smiled at me and answered my prayer.
God said to me, “I know those sad eyes, but also his heart. This is why you have been touched by my mercy.”
Do not be afraid. I have come for but a few moments. Do not be frightened, a mother never frightens her child. I have come to give you the good news that God in his great mercy wishes to grant you.
You ask me where your father is. I do not know where he could be – not in heaven, but not in hell either, and not even with us.
One thing I know for certain, God is looking for something in your father’s heart, as small as it might be, with which he can weave his mercy.
You must pray for me and for your father so that our prayers offered to God may be transformed into mercy for us and for you. In this place everything is immersed in the goodness of him who loves us and who wants nobody to be lost.
The great Mother of Jesus often passes with a multitude of angels, and we all go to her, hoping that she will take us with her. She drags many souls away, and she smiles at those of us who remain, reassuring us that she will come for us the day in which we go to meet God.
Now, my time is almost up, and I must return to my prayers and, above all, to my thanksgiving. I do not know perfectly everything you do, but if God has sent me to you, I believe that you have pleased him.
Now I am at peace. I believe that one day we will be able to meet and express all the love which was not possible to express while living. But it will be God’s mercy that decides.



Christ's monogram: composed by two characters from the greek alphabet, the χ (chi) and the ρ (ro), i.e. Christ's initials.
The monogram on a tomb indicated that the deceased was a Christian.