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Day of victory of Light over Darkness

Saint Michael’s Second Message - 8TH June 2007

I am one of the angels who are always before God, and who observe, admire and adore the beauty of his face. I have the chains to enchain Satan and all his rebel angels.
I am especially present in this place, and today I come to ask you for your conversion.
God’s face is scarred by mankind’s sins, sins which feed the forces of evil. Mankind is squeezed tighter and tighter, and, if it were not for Jesus’ sacrifice, Mankind would be squeezed to death. You are encouraged by the Mother of God, who, taking you by the hand, shows you the way to work more closely and vigorously for the Satan’s defeat. She exhorts you to celebrate frequently the Eucharist and to recite the Holy Rosary.
Pray for the Church and the Pope, especially on the 2nd of each month. I will make my presence felt especially on the 8th of each month, so that this place will once again become a place of repentance and conversion. It will be a day of victory of light over darkness.
In particular, the 8th of June of every year will be a memorable day to show our faith in Jesus’ promise regarding the total victory of his kingdom over that of darkness. In the future you will have increasingly tangible proofs of my presence in this place.