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Virgin of Mount Carmel and Bride of Lebanon

Message to the Nation of Lebanon - Kfarsama-Mechmech Saint Pius Church, 5TH April 2014

My dear children devoted to Christ,
He who soon will come and bring peace to the entire universe blesses you with his precious Blood. I am the Bride of the Family, she who is venerated in this nation as the “Virgin of Carmel”, but now I wish to be venerated as the “Bride of Lebanon”, and I ask you to consecrate the lands and peoples descending from Abraham to me.
Send this request to the heads of the various Christian communities. In just a little while your land will regain its former splendor under him who loves all of his creation. The fruits he has placed in my womb must ripen. You and I will pray so that this will happen, and we will struggle, not with the weapons created by the devil, but with the weapon God uses, Love. A little bit more suffering and your land, blessed by God, will witness the great blessing, which, through my Son, it will received, and not only your land, but the entire universe.
May my Son’s peace descend upon you.



Bechouat: chapel with the statue of the Holy Virgin in the church of Our Lady

Lebanese cedar tree